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Brett Domino is a Genius 0

Brett Domino is a Genius

He had us at “You Look Sexy When You Do That.” Could this duet and former trio from Leeds do it all over again? Yes. Only this time with Autotune, and other brilliant mastery.

Move Over Justin Bieber! 0

Move Over Justin Bieber!

Think pop music is just a bunch of crap thrown together with a catchy beat? You’re right! And now, there’s a tutorial from the Brett Domino Trio, enjoy!

Twit Friend [FROZEN PARODY] 0

Twit Friend

This Frozen parody with a social media twist debuted at Social Media Camp in Victoria, British Columbia on May 3, 2014. It’s our very own parody from the hit movie Frozen. Enjoy!

The Google+ Song 0

Google Plus!

Crafty video by Break. Hot girl singing about social networking.

My Blackberry is Frozen! 0

My Blackberry is Frozen!

I love it! For those of you who didn’t get the reference, Orange is a wireless provider in the UK. For those you who didn’t get that reference, the UK stands for United Kingdom,...

Quantitative Easing Explained 0

Did you hear about the Fed?

There’s nothing more fun than watching cuddly little teddy bear cartoons talking about quantitative easing. This video has had over a million views in under a week. Funny stuff! Seriously, though, these Xtra Normal...

UVic vs. UVIC – Death Battle 3000! 0

UVic vs. UVIC – Death Battle 3000!

A famous lipdub made by a Spanish college named Univesitat de vic (a.k.a. “UVIC”) sparked quite an internet phenomenon. In case you don’t remember it, it’s here: Many people assumed this was made by...

Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1 0

Their Furry Paws Drag You To Hell

CKO is a major illness sweeping the world. Better recognized by it’s formal scientific name, Cute Kitten Obsession, has created a huge productivity crisis. Our estimates suggest kittens will be responsible for a full...