Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Twit Friend [FROZEN PARODY] 0

Twit Friend

What is it about social media conferences and videos? This Frozen parody with a social media twist debuted at Social Media Camp in Victoria, British Columbia on May 3, 2014.

The Google+ Song 0

Google Plus!

Crafty video by Break. Hot girl singing about social networking.

My Blackberry is Frozen! 0

My Blackberry is Frozen!

I love it! For those of you who didn’t get the reference, Orange is a wireless provider in the UK. For those you who didn’t get that reference, the UK stands for United Kingdom,...

Quantitative Easing Explained 0

Did you hear about the Fed?

There’s nothing more fun than watching cuddly little teddy bear cartoons talking about quantitative easing. This video has had over a million views in under a week. Funny stuff! Seriously, though, these Xtra Normal...

UVic vs. UVIC – Death Battle 3000! 0

UVic vs. UVIC – Death Battle 3000!

A famous lipdub made by a Spanish college named Univesitat de vic (a.k.a. “UVIC”) sparked quite an internet phenomenon. In case you don’t remember it, it’s here: Many people assumed this was made by...

Heavy Metal Cats! Key of Awesome #1 0

Their Furry Paws Drag You To Hell

CKO is a major illness sweeping the world. Better recognized by it’s formal scientific name, Cute Kitten Obsession, has created a huge productivity crisis. Our estimates suggest kittens will be responsible for a full...

Gandalf Goes to the World Cup 0

ROFL World Cup Edition

Will the vuvuzela blend? Then there’s the Lord of the Rings spoof … Every boy needs a little brother to beat at football!


Gettin’ My Minivan On, Sucka!

Straight dope from my homies about their minivan. Viral. Corporate. Wow, a car company that gets social media and the 30-something generation. That’s weird.