Save the Arctic Penguin Campaign

Save the Arctic Penguin

Save the Arctic Penguin 


The red penguin symbolizes the penguin carnage that has resulted from years of neglect by governments and corporations all along the Arctic Circle.

Please help save the Arctic Penguin

This rare and majestic cousin to the flourishing Antarctic Penguin is now on the verge of extinction. In fact, many scientists today think that penguins are absent from the Arctic Circle altogether!

But we refuse to give up hope. Our mission is to find as many Arctic Penguins as possible, and begin a comprehensive breeding program that might help bring this species back from the brink of disaster.

Why has the plight of the rare Arctic Penguin been ignored for so long?

The truth is that corrupt corporations and their government cohorts have been perpetrating a misinformation campaign for many years. They would have the people of Canada, and other countries within the Arctic Circle believe that the Arctic Penguin does not exist and never has!

This, of course, is nonsense. Penguins did exist, and we believe they still do.

The problem is they are on the verge of extinction!

With your help, we can bring back this mighty and majestic reptile from the brink of collapse!

Although a common misconception, penguin’s live in the Antarctic, not the Arctic.
Antarctic penguins are birds, not reptiles.

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