Join us as our hero abandons the standard “formula movie” path…

  1. Shows up for work
  2. Learns about evil guy
  3. Gets the gadgets together
  4. Goes after evil guy
  5. Meets the babe while looking for evil guy
  6. Babe gets caught and looks like all hope is lost of getting the evil guy
  7. Sharp wit, gadgets and good luck turn the tables on the evil guy
  8. Evil guy is gotten
  9. Kisses (etc.) the babe

For the more realistic movie…

  1. Shows up for work
  2. Learns about evil guy that just took over his department
  3. Gets his resume together
  4. Gets fired by evil guy
  5. Tries to meet the babe while trying to forget about the evil guy
  6. Babe can handle her own situations just fine, thank you very much, leaving our out of touch hero unable to make any impression on her whatsoever
  7. Finally goes job-hunting
  8. Evil guy is history, now there is a new evil boss to brown-nose to

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