Watch this entire video without vomiting, and you win a free iPod!*

Which star regrets being involved in this project the most? I’m going to go with Will Smith.

Here are a few more: Kenny G, Fred Savage, Alyssa Milano, Dudley Moore, Kevin Costner, Gary Busey, Henry Winkler, Brooke Shields, Mike Tyson, Debbie Gibson, Alan Thicke, James Woods, Billy Crystal, Harry Hamlin, and Marylu Henner

* Free iPod contest prizes are subject to availability. Zero iPods are available to be won.

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  1. Eeesh – why does David Foster inflict this stuff on us??? Interesting to see a fresh-out-of-Quebec Celine Dion on this video. And what’s with the trendy-lefty love-in? I’m glad I was living in England when this mess came out, and it didn’t cross the pond.

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