Video Oddities

It seems one of our favourite YouTubers, everythingisterrible, lost their YouTube channel. A mysteriously similar one, BargainBinofOblivion, had the same issue. Trademark infringement is serious, folks.

For an infringement-free collection of stellar video oddities, visit the videoisunrelated channel.

Here’s a sample:

Know of another channel that made you laugh? Let us know.

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  1. Everything is Terrible lost one of their many youtube channels. EIT is a blog that hosts it's videos across multiple websites and accounts on vimeo, youtube, funnyordie,, and UCB. All of Everything is Terrible's videos can be found at their website Bargain Bin of Oblivion is just one of the seven video editors for EIT, checking that account will only give you a glimpse of the massive treasure trove of terribleness at their blog.

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