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Brett Domino is a Genius

He had us at “You Look Sexy When You Do That.” Could this duet and former trio from Leeds do it all over again? Yes. Only this time with Autotune, and other brilliant mastery.


Move Over Justin Bieber!

Think pop music is just a bunch of crap thrown together with a catchy beat? You’re right! And now, there’s a tutorial from the Brett Domino Trio, enjoy!


UVic vs. UVIC – Death Battle 3000!

A famous lipdub made by a Spanish college named Univesitat de vic (a.k.a. “UVIC”) sparked quite an internet phenomenon. In case you don’t remember it, it’s here: Many people assumed this was made by...


Gettin’ My Minivan On, Sucka!

Straight dope from my homies about their minivan. Viral. Corporate. Wow, a car company that gets social media and the 30-something generation. That’s weird.


I listened to this crap. Part 1.

Remember “Snow”? I’m embarrassed to admit I listened to this song … a lot. Please, don’t “trail me down, because I’m hangin’ with the snow-man!” Jim Carrey was almost as bad. Then there’s that...


The Water Cycle

Classic Bill Nye The Science Guy. Evaporation and condensation, sucka! I say the condensation video is much better than the original Kriss Kross song.


Facebook Goes Mainstream

It’s great that grandparents can keep in touch with their grandchildren and such. But for the late teens and twenty-somethings, their Mom’s presence on Facebook is really something awful. And can you really “unfriend”...



Andy Samberg gets pwned – in style, of course! “Jizz in my Pants” becomes “Puke in my Mouth”. These folks didn’t even change the number of letters! And, in case your one of the...