Welcome to ROFL.ca.

It’s quite simple really. At ROFL.ca, we find things we think are funny, and post them for others to see, and comment on.

Our diverse collection of humourous content touches the hearts and minds of many, often in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.

So have a look around, laugh a little. It adds 8 years to your life.

Got a funny e-mail? Forward it to us. In our Email Wasteland, we archive all these classic e-mails so future generations can enjoy the unwanted forwards from your crazy uncle.*

ROFL.ca continues the legacy of the original Super Spoof Productions (SuperSpoof.com).

For a decade from 1999 to 2009, SuperSpoof.com brought myriad Internet users laughter, tears, hope, joy, and intestinal dysfunction. In 2009, we launched ROFL.ca, and unenthusiastically dumped the old name.

Same bad jokes, new venue.

* Legal Note: The majority of content here falls under the parody or commentary categories. However, Email Wasteland often contains content where discovering the original author/copyright is not possible. If you recognize content as being copyright, please let us know, so we can credit it accordingly. Thanks!