Moses’ Funhouse!

Tel Aviva Las Vegas

Moses Funhouse!

Kids! Are your parents coming to Las Vegas? Don’t fret … there is lots of fun waiting for you at Moses’ Funhouse, a uniquely Jewish theme park right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Just look at these great rides:

    • Jonah’s ‘Big Fish’ Experience
      This full-motion ride brings you through the belly of a big fish, then back safely to shore again.


    • The Walls of Jericho
      Ride alongside the ancient walled city of Jericho, but when the trumpet sounds, watch out! The walls all come tumbling down! See the inside of the city and the animatronic battles between the soldiers of Jericho and the Israelite heroes.


    • The Creation Ride
      God created the Heavens and Earth in 7 days, but this ride lets you relive the whole experience in 7 minutes! You start with nothing but the thundering voice of God, and suddenly a great brightness, then you see the earth being formed, then animals, and finally Adam and Eve greet you personally before you exit the ride!


    • Exodus
      This ride takes you to Ancient Egypt where you watch as the Jewish slaves build the greatest monuments man has ever known. You are transported inside the temple where the Pharoah is busy plotting his ill-deeds. You are whisked down a tunnel into the desert where you find Moses alone in the desert, suddenly you witness the re-enactment of the burning bush and you are whisked back to Egypt and watch as God’s wrath comes down upon the land. Then you are taken to the Red Sea where the waters are parted and Moses leads his people (and your cart) through to the promised land.


    • Moses’ Wacky Water Adventures
      This water ride wades through the rivers of the middle east. A basket carries you along the Nile, and the waters separate when you arrive at the Red Sea Crossing. From here, you get a unique Vegas touch … a full view of the Las Vegas strip! Then it’s back to the Mediterranean Sea for more wacky adventures!


I bet you can’t wait for your Las Vegas vacation now!

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