Rolling On The Floor Laughing


ROFL World Cup Edition

Will the vuvuzela blend? Then there’s the Lord of the Rings spoof … Every boy needs a little brother to beat at football!


Gettin’ My Minivan On, Sucka!

Straight dope from my homies about their minivan. Viral. Corporate. Wow, a car company that gets social media and the 30-something generation. That’s weird.


Best Political Ad Ever

My son asked me, “Is this movie scary?” “Only to Democrats, son. Only to Democrats.” Shouldn’t an ex-cop, ex-marine, rifle-toting, cowboy, farmer be in charge of the Agriculture Commission of Alabama? I think so!


I listened to this crap. Part 1.

Remember “Snow”? I’m embarrassed to admit I listened to this song … a lot. Please, don’t “trail me down, because I’m hangin’ with the snow-man!” Jim Carrey was almost as bad. Then there’s that...


The Water Cycle

Classic Bill Nye The Science Guy. Evaporation and condensation, sucka! I say the condensation video is much better than the original Kriss Kross song.


Top 1 Question(s) Everyone Has About The iPad

iPad, iPad, iPad. Blah, blah, blah. We’ve surveyed all the Internets, including the Facebooks and Twitters, and compiled this comprehensive list of the top 1 questions everyone is dying to know about the iPad: WILL...


Facebook Goes Mainstream

It’s great that grandparents can keep in touch with their grandchildren and such. But for the late teens and twenty-somethings, their Mom’s presence on Facebook is really something awful. And can you really “unfriend”...


Chat Roulette

A brilliant analysis of Chat Roulette. Informative for the newcomer, and frighteningly familiar for the addict. chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.